The most popular bingo games at a glance

abwechslungsreiche-bingo-spiele-onlineWho has never really dealt with the bingo games usually only know the 75 ball version with the well-known 5 × 5 payslip where you should complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. But there are many more bingo games, which are very different in their game play and winning ways. The most popular and widely used variants are with 75 and 90 balls and just with the development of the Internet there are a lot of new and interesting online bingo games such as 80 ball bingo, jackpot Bingo Video Bingo. I’d like to introduce all these online bingo games here to get a closer look and imagine this in a separate overview of the best bingo sites for these game variants.

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Favourite Bingo Games with 75 and 90 balls

The 90 ball bingo gamenext to the variant with 75 balls is one of the favourite games. The game ticket however differs markedly. In this bingo game the ticket consists of three rows and nine columns, and it is up to you how many tickets want to buy for the next round. On each ticket you only get five numbers on each line in the nine fields and each column contains only the numbers of a decade (first column 1-10, second column 11-20, etc.). The aim in this bingo game is to complete the line, only the numbers must be marked and the free positions are not importance. Profits are distributed to the participants, which could wipe off all the first five numbers of a line, where it does not matter about which line is. The second dividend is replaced by the first participant whose ticket can boast two complete rows. The grand prize of this bingo games gets the first player who mark all the numbers on his bingo ticket.


In Britain and the US is the 75 Ball Bingo game with its 5 × 5 grid the most popular. The numbers are divided similarly here, instead of decades the column contains 5 of 15 possible numbers (except for the wild card symbol in the middle). In the first column the numbers are represented 1-15, 16-30 in the second and in the last column are the numbers to find from 61 to 75. The aim of this bingo game is to be the first player with drawing the winning numbers on his game ticket – then you have to call “Bingo” and wins the game. During the grand prize for this so-called Full House (All fields marked) will be awarded, also smaller prizes can be distributed to the participants, which is the first complete line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) can boast. Further gains can be agreed for certain completed on the Bingo ticket images such as tilde, Hangman or explosion. Look at this overview page of the rules once more exactly.

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The newest Online Bingo Games

The relatively new bingo variant with 80 balls is a mix of the variant with 75 and with 90 balls. The Bingo cards here are constructet in a 4 x 4 grid, each column includes four of twenty possible numbers. The numbers of each column are marked with different color for clarity. Red for the numbers 1 to 20 in the first column, yellow for 21 to 40 in column 2, blue for the numbers 41 to 60 the third column and the remaining numbers 61 to 80 can be found in the fourth column in white or silver. In addition to Full House (Entire payslip marks) there is also other profit distributions available for other winning combinations such as lines, all four corners, the four center panels and many more.

The Joker Jackpot Bingo is an extraordinary bingo game. Instead of balls they use playing cards from a poker deck with 54 cards (including two jokers). Each ticket consists of 3 × 3 fields and instead winning numbers the individual drawn cards have to be marked. By the smaller bingo ticket and fewer cards (as opposed to up to 90 balls) the game is overall faster. Additional there are several ways to win. A payout there is, if the selected items of your game shows the symbol J or you could wipe off with a full house of all positions of your bingo ticket. You will win The Super Jackpot with a full house in 14 or less drawn playing cards.

At Video Bingo, there are several very different bingo games. One thing is very similar to Keno or Lotto. You can choose from a total of 80 numbers 2-10 winning numbers yourself and then start drawing. Depending on how many winning numbers you selected, you change the payout percentages in the event of a win. If you achieved a certain number of hits within a certain number of balls drawn, there are for all subsequent matches even a bonus win. Other video bingo games are constructed as slot machines and promise even more variety. More interesting information on the topic you can find in the known website

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