Bingo Instructions for the popular game variants


Bingo is a wonderful and entertaining pastime, but the exact bingo game rules are most often not known. So if you wonder how to playing bingo you will find a short game instructions and an overview of the instructions of the most popular bingo games on this page. The basic principle of this game is simple. Before a round starts you buy one or more bingo cards on which the numbers drawn will be gradually highlighted. Depending on bingo rules various lines or combinations of fields are needed for the win, which I want to introduce here.

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90 Ball Bingo Rules

The bingo game manual for the version with 90 balls is the easiest. The playslip is divided into three rows and nine columns, each column can contain only numbers of one decade – the first 1-10, the second 11 to 20, etc. At the same time, there are only 5 fields per line with digits, 4 fields will always be empty and no role for marking and the paylines. Once the game round starts, it sweeps as had the balls drawn onto all your lottery tickets. The goal is to paint all 15 numbers of your game certificate first and to bag the jackpot, because as soon as a participant has managed this, the game round is finished. But there are already small profits for the completion of one or two rows – how simple this is, I want to introduce you here very briefly.

An arbitrary line

Are you the one who first could tick all numbers of your ticket, you will receive the first disbursement of these small bingo round. That’s great, keep on going and maybe you also make it still the same to mark another row too.


Two arbitrary lines

The first player who was able to tick all the digits of any two rows completely, also receives a profit. A bit more luck and you will win the jackpot. For this you need highest only 5 correct balls.

5Full House, all numbers

The first prize goes to the player who could first wipe off all of the fields of his bingo tickets. The game is finished now with a lucky winner who brings the most profit home and a new contraction can begin.

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75 Ball Bingo Game Rules

The bingo game rules for the 75 ball version are the most famous and at the same time versatile. Each bingo card consists the known 5 × 5 pattern, the field in the middle was often replaced by a wild card symbol, and need not be labeled. The aim is to be completed first with the determined winning numbers (all numbers tick). The fact that the online 75 ball variant is such popularity, is because that sets it apart from the Full House are a lot of other winning combinations. This can be rewarded with extra profits when these combinations are part of the respective bingo rules of this draw. The most famous is a full line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), but there are many more, as you can see in the following examples.


This sign is one of the easiest, as it requires the least numbers. The foolproof tilde character assures you an additional profit,but just if the respective bingo rules containing this combination.


The second possible winning combination is the explosion. This requires the central 5 fields and corners of your game certificate, which makes a total of 9 squares for marking. You will gain a winning combination cash rewards or prizes.


In the corner you have to tick all the boxes which have been separated by a diagonal line from remaining playslip. Depending on the rules, this may be any or a particular corner. So you have always to look on the Bingo Instructions.


The Hangman is the combination of the well-known hangman game. Becauce for this are more fields required, as for all other images, this could be completed very late. This combination requires 15 fields.

11The letter “A”

Another popular winning combination is the letter A. For this are 10 fields required, it is one of the most difficult-to-reach symbols, but not as difficult as the combination of the hangman, where 15 fields required.

Full House

Can you get the full house after a certain number of drawn numbers, waving usually a handsome jackpot, which you will remain for a long. Take now the bingo games in part and creates the all fields for a big jackpot.

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80 Ball Bingo Rules – How to Play Bingo

The 80 ball bingo is played mainly online and the instructions for this version of the game is very simple. The playslip consists a 4 × 4 pattern and in each column can only occur 20 numbers. For a better overview the balls for each column were also color-coded:

  • First column: 1 to 20 – Red
  • Second column: 21 to 40 – Yellow
  • Third column: 41 to 60 – Blue
  • Fourth column: 61 to 80 – white or silver

This game is also about to mark the winning numbers determined the entire bingo card first. But there are some winning combinations that you allow depending on bingo rules additional profits.

Four Corners

For the four corners are indeed only four winning numbers, but there are a total of 80 balls, achieving this combination can take quite a while. But only ambitious and patient men win.

The big “X”

For the large X we need only to complete the two diagonals for tapping the appropriate additional price. That means you need to mark only 8 fields, so that you may receive extra gains in this round.

80 Full Card or Full House

If you will mark all the drawn numbers within the first 33 balls, you win 50% of the jackpot, and depending on the number of your purchased tickets up to an additional 50%. So does not waste time and grab now the next jackpot.

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