Free Bingo online games – the best providers in 2015


Those who wonder why online bingo sites are on the rise will get here the reasons why one of the most popular leisure and entertainment games could be the powerfull newcomer in the internet. Everyone will have ever seen one of the usual bingo halls. Like the typical Sunday church bingo on the tv. But On the web it looks very different, there can be found a larger game selection at the presented providers, bingo games all around the clock, many free games and a young and modern player community.

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Oldschool and online bingo halls in comparison

Bingo halls in the past and now


The old bingo halls are now largely meeting of pensioners. And It is nothing to complain about, only those who are looking for modern and entertaining games, will be thrilled by the game neither offer nor from the average age of the players. Another disadvantage of these bingo halls is the slower game play and the limited range of game variations, which would appear to the entire gaming experience a bit chewy and unilaterally, not to mention the enormous amount of time.

Completely in contrary are the online bingo sites. Here you can find around the clock, a variety of different, interesting and varied bingo games, which are excellent for a short game. In Chat Games you can meet with the young community, chat with one another and establish contacts with other bingo fans in the social areas of the bingo sites.

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Selection of varied bingo variants

21In addition to traditional bingo variants with 75 and with 90 balls there are almost no variety. Cause everyone needed time to check all of its lottery tickets to the numbers drawn out of the flow, the game is of course much more slowly, which can be bored sometimes. In addition, you also can not decide with how much effort you play because the prices of the bingo tickets are set. Game variations such as video or Jackpot Joker Bingo are also missing.

Quite the contrary online bingo – there are for all new visitors a welcome bonus, which partly can be even more than 100 € big. In Addition, there are constantly running promotions, sweepstakes or special games where you can win prizes, receive free bingo tickets and discounts on the purchase of several lottery tickets.

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The modern Bingo Community


The average age is significantly higher in the traditional bingo halls. It’s more of a meeting place for pensioners, who meet in the afternoon for a sociable game. Next to Rummy, Bridge or Canasta the bingo game is also very popular by pensioners. However, anyone who is interested in a younger community, can find good new bingo casinos under, where you can find many young people and also the online bingo games is still for free.

Would pensioner sitting at the computer and will chat or play video bingo games? Probably not, so you can find young people, especially at the online bingo, who have fun at the game on the Internet and would like to meet new people from around the world. The bingo halls have there own social spaces to the Chat with the other players, while you are playing. So you arrange together times to play on other days.

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Conclusion: All of the arguments are on the side of Online Bingo

When playing online bingo you have all the advantages on your side. On the web you can find not only the larger and more interesting game selection, the games start around the clock, so you haven’t wait long for a one lap restart. Besides the permanent availability, the ticket prices are also a big advantage. Cause the costs online for the operator are minimal, you can play just for a few cents with many players for big prize money, which also increases the attraction. You can even sreceive a welcome bonu as a newly registered players for your first deposit – in a live bingo hall, this would not be possible because there even incur costs for additional staff, equipment or the provision of catering.

Many bingo players also like the roulette, since here the winning numbers are determined with a ball too. However, this casino game is very different from his winning opportunities and also not to be found in the usual bingo halls. Finding the right provider and bonus for this is at least as complicated as for other casino games. But even on this issue, some recommended sites are specialized and roulette fans at find everything they need to know for the Online Game.

If you will be a online bingo player, you can get benefit from another great advantage. Cause the Games take place around the clock and all the bingo players from around the world can take part, you can met very quickly lots of interesting people and make new friends. For that is not only the individual chat games very useful, even in forums or theire own small social networks you can find and replace or arrange for schedules. Who is bored by other casino games or the lonely Solitaire, this will be appreciated.

Overall, you can recommend to anyone who is interested in this entertaining game, once to look at the different bingo halls on our site and find out what interesting game variations there are in the individual providers. Cause this gambling is not just available in bingo halls, but also in most casinos, you have to check even the best Online Bingo Casino reviews on watching. New players with no previous knowledge of the rules and game play will know “play online bingo” and their instructions for appreciate. There are many interesting welcome bonus offers that facilitate the entry into the game.